Sunday, April 6, 2014

Who the hell are these guys? or, an open letter to the progressive left

The Sons of Stark..are a lie. they don't exist. at least, not in the way you think they do. they are no one, and everyone. by our very non-existence, and by using the rules of the game, we will change the nature of the game itself. political calvinball, if you will.

we have been spied upon, and disrupted. admittedly by some pretty sophisticated and well-trained people. some of that was funded out of our very pockets. and we did nothing about it, because, to quote Secretary of State Henry L. Stimson ""Gentlemen do not read each other's mail.".

well, the time to play nice is over. we have already infiltrated many progressive organizations, and we're in positions to record and expose many of the things they're doing.

right now you progs are thinking "well, then do it! if you really have that data, why not just do it?" well, we don't want to tip our hand. we also want to change your behavior..because, as Alinsky said “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have." and "The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.". you can't win without those tactics. so we're taking them away from you, one piece at a time.

we've also learned a few things about organizing..and disorganizing. and the power of the disorganized mob. this ties into another Alinsky rule.."Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.". you don't know what to do with a group with no leadership.

this is a movement, not a club. we don't keep membership lists. we don't even know who is working for us. there is great power in decentralization..we give you no one to discredit, no one to attack. in the battle of starfish versus spider, starfish always wins. we also take away the trust you placed in all those volunteers. our guys have to work for a living so our time is not as wide open as all those college kids you've been using..but now..some of those kids belong to US..or at the very least, you'll have to act as though they do.. because.. GASP!..what is one of them is a SPY?

I caught a SPY! ummm...what do I do now?

while we're not above a little sabotage here and there, we think a tiny bit of paranoia will go a long way to get you to sabotage yourselves.

for example...

these guys had a thread going on their forum for 5 MONTHS about crashing an event put on by an anti-gun group.  they knew full well that the anti-gun group was watching, and they got the anti-gun group to spend HUGE amounts of money on security. this in turn made the people attending the event nervous and uncomfortable. but they didn't actually crash the event.they had no real plans to crash the event. they just talked about it as if they did. and that was enough.

you should also take note of the "ghost army" in WW2

now, all of the above could be a lie. but what if we're not lying? what if everything I have just said is the unvarnished truth, and I'd rather you change your ways and fight fair than send you off to jail? is this "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing."...or are the tables finally turning? I suppose you'll have to decide what level of paranoia is acceptable to you. it won't be enough though. we're already looking over your shoulder as you read this, smiling, knowing the masks have come off on our little charade but you're not observant enough to tell the difference.